Cindy Pittens

A big heart for human development and improvisation! In Cindy these passions are combined. Eternally and intensely aware of the entanglement between who you are and who you play.

Cindy searches for truth and connection, the bravery of letting go and creating together. Humor and hurt go hand in hand in her characters. On stage she is vibrant and fully engaged.

She loves singing, embodied characters, big emotions and high stakes. She loves to jump in, explore, learn and most importantly, have fun!

Peter van Gestel

With more than 20 years of experience in improvisational theatre, as a trainer and player, Peter is a well-known improviser in the Netherlands.

Peter devours every improvisation book that exists and tries out everything that is interesting and takes him a step further in improv.

Peter is looking for freedom in improvisation. Which structure triggers the most creativity and flow? He likes comedy and simplicity. Humor in small and large contexts. Always looking for the game and free, cheerful association for the players and the audience!